The MXL Cr89 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone wrapped in sharply contrasted black and chrome. The sound is every bit as bold as the body; the Cr89 can handle subtle acoustic guitar tones and loud vocals with the same sonic integrity. The Cr89 has low noise circuitry and a very low proximity effect, making it ideal for up-close recording. At home on instruments and vocals, the Cr89's body design minimizes body resonance while the tuned grill cavity reduces standing waves and harmonic distortion.

Pro Audio ReviewMXL wins in value and quality over the high-end Sony C800PAC condenser microphone.
"I was recording vocals with a male artist that I had previously recorded with a Sony C800G. Both the artist and myself had been pleased with the performance of the C-800G, but I was curious to see how the CR89 would sound compared to the Sony. I was suprised when we both selected the CR89 as our preferred mic..."
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  • Durable, high-quality ribbon microphone for instruments
  • Warm sound with a robust low end and a full midrange
  • Figure-8 polar pattern that captures instruments and room sound
  • High SPL capability—ideal for horns and electric guitars
  • Mogami cable and wiring for exceptional audio fidelity


CR89 Specifications Polar Pattern
Included Accessories
USB Cable Shock Mount Cloth
Flight Case Shock Mount MXL Microfiber
Cleaning Cloth
Optional Accessories
PF-003 PF001 PF002
MXL PF-003
Metal Mesh Pop Filter
MXL PF-001
Pop Filter
MXL PF-002
Metal Mesh Pop Filter Black
WS-002 Windscreen