Audio 4 Video

Recording has gone mobile with MXL's Mobile Media Series! MXL's Mobile Media Series is an innovative line of microphones and recording accessories that are compatible with most mobile phones and many other mobile devices.

MM Series microphones are designed for audio-only and audio for video recording on the go.

The way we record is changing. Our mobile phones have replaced handheld recorders for interviews, lectures, and note-taking. Mobile phones have become our video cameras, too. At the push of a button, our mobile phones record audio and high definition video.

Videos have become so easy to produce with phones, they are now essential to newsgathering, promotion, and entertainment. Yet, while video resolution improves with every new mobile device, the same has not been true of audio. Until now.

Great Audio

The MXL Mobile Media Series is engineered to record high quality audio into mobile devices. When used to record audio for video, the audio quality is a better match for the phone's video. Mobile Media Microphones let you hear clearly what you see so vividly.

At MXL, we believe microphones are the best tools for recording. Every part of the microphone is designed to perform this one job, and MXL microphones do it very well. So, when designing the Mobile Media Series, we put everything we know about recording into microphones that work seamlessly with mobile phones.

We did not compromise sound for size – sound always comes first. Mobile Media Microphones deliver the sound quality you need for interviews, sound bites, videos, notes, lectures, performances, and anything else worth recording.


Mobile Media
Essentials Kit


Mobile Media
Camera Mount Kit


MXL MM-130
Mobile Media


MXL MM-110
Mobile Media
Meeting Microphone


How it Works

MXL Mobile Media microphones connect to the 35mm (1/8") jack on your mobile device. They are compatible with both Apple® iPhones, Android™ phones, Windows® phones and tablets. The microphones can be used to record audio only or audio for video. In the latter case, the audio will be recorded simultaneously with the video via a video app onto one file.

Most apps will detect the external microphone immediately. No set-up is required. Simply plug in your Mobile Media microphone and you're ready to record. (If the app does not detect the microphone, consult the app's instructions.)

MXL Mobile Media microphones are ideal for journalists, students, musicians, telecommuters, and mobile videographers. Audio recording goes mobile with MXL Mobile Media Microphones.