Authentic. Powerful. Alive.

Vandal is a unique virtual guitar and bass amplifier for PC and Mac that avoids working with simple impulse responses. Every individual step – each tube, every amplifier stage, even the speaker coils – is virtualized.

Compare Vandal's sound to the others, and you'll hear a more nuanced and authentic result.

Vandal also offers detailed effects and stomp boxes (several overdrive and distortion effects, different compressor effects, EQ, chorus, phaser, wah-wah, delay, reverb, lo-fi and many more) and advanced microphone settings in an easy-to-use interface that lets you forget that you are using a software amplification.

Vandal has a very low CPU consumption and can be hosted as a VST plug-in (Windows), or as a VST/AU

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For sound that's alive

Conventional software amps work on the basis of sterile-sounding impulse responses, which leave no space for the details in the characteristic sound of guitars and basses. All instruments tend to sound the same and exciting sound properties are replaced by standardized algorithms.

Vandal is different! Physical modeling technology guarantees that everything, from the signal input, stomp boxes and tube amplifier to the microphoned loudspeakers and
studio effects added in post production are all displayed and played in top quality


Custom amplification: Implement your own ideas in amp design
Want to combine components from different amplifiers and customize details yourself? Want to build your own custom amp or build a copy of a well-known model? With Vandal, it's easy!

Vandal is based on a variable concept for amps and cabinets. This lets users adjust sound individually and change and manipulate it according to their ideas. Of course, the program also includes various presets compiled by experienced musicians and producers, giving users a head start and allowing them to obtain fantastic results quickly.

Intuitive program interface

Overloaded software amps, confusing controls and long learning periods are a thing of the past!

The intuitive program interface is based on workflows that are optimized for guitar and bass players who are familiar with these kinds of work processes from working with hardware. This makes it easy to get started with the program! All important functions are clearly displayed and leave enough room for implementing sound ideas of your own – hook up your guitar or bass and simply start playing

Two worlds, one software: Amplifier for bass & guitar

A real bass and guitar amp in a single box – is that even possible? The answer is yes – and in top quality!

Even when starting Vandal for the first time, you can choose between two amplifier models. The guitar and bass amps are extremely flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of any musician. Whether bass or guitar, with Vandal you'll get the best of both worlds!

In the studio and live - an amp for any occasion

If you want to rock, you've got to be able to count on your amp!

No drop-outs, no latency, no internal signal delays and the highest possible operational reliability. With its reliable engine, first-class sound quality and flexible MIDI functions, Vandal is the ideal companion for long studio sessions, rehearsals, and live gigs

Countless effects & stomp boxes

The real world has produced many of the "stomp box" devices popular with guitarists and bassists. We've also included a rich palette in Vandal. We researched real models for inspiration, but also let ourselves be guided by our own ideas about sound, designing completely new models.

Distortion effects that don't always sound good "before" the amp are usually attached to the end of the signal chain. That's why we integrated an additional, comprehensive effects rack at the end of the signal path.

Top performance - low consumption

Worries about system load, CPU, hard drive, and RAM shouldn't be part of making music – you'll get the best results when you concentrate on what's important – playing!

Vandal guarantees top performance at the lowest possible resource consumption. Thanks to physical modeling technology and a particularly small program size of only 12 MB, you can use Vandal for any production or session, in multiple ways and as often as you please, without having to worry about overtaxing the system

System requirements:

- For Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista™| 7™

- Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 1,5 Ghz and higher

- Memory: min. 512 MB RAM (1 GB auf Vista)

- Hard drive space: min. 50 MB free

- ASIO and/or WDM compatible sound card

- Host software supporting VST interface

 (Samplitude® 11 Silver included)


- Intel based Mac with OSX 10.5

- Hard drive space: min. 50 MB free

- Host software supporting VST or AU interface