Innovative Music Australia has beenappointed as the exclusive distributor for the BeatBuddy range of products ion Australia .

Includes 200 songs (that you control!) in 21 different genres and 10 different drum kits. You'll be sure to find your beat.

The BeatBuddy enables musicians to effortlessly insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits such as cymbal crashes or hand claps, and throw in drum breaks to create an unprecedented live drummer effect.

In addition to being a powerful performance tool, the BeatBuddy visually displays the beat, which makes it an invaluable educational device for improving rhythm and learning new time signatures. 

“The next generation of musicians will have much more solidly innate rhythmic chops.  Using a fun device like the BeatBuddy encourages music students to explore and challenge themselves musically,”
said Cleaveland Jones, musical director of the Miami School of Rock.  “

I see it becoming standard in every classroom and in every practice space.”

Create any song or drum set with the included BeatBuddy Manager software.

Download new content from the ever-expanding BeatBuddy Online Library.

Share your creations with friends and discover user-generated content on the BeatBuddy Community Forum.

BeatBuddy comes pre-loaded with 10 unique drum kits and includes more than 200 songs in a wide variety of styles.  Beyond the pre-loaded content, musicians can also create any song or drum set with the included BeatBuddy Manager PC/Mac software, download new content from the ever-expanding BeatBuddy Online Library, and share their creations or discover user-generated content on BeatBuddy’s Community Forum.

Visual Feedback

The BeatBuddy displays the beat in real time, making it easy to improve your rhythm, learn new time signatures, and explore new styles of music.

Visual Metronome:

Colour Coding: