Ety Kids 5
iPhone iPADHearing Today's tech-connected kids live in a high-def world. They experience Blu-ray, surround-sound, life-like computer graphics and 3-D movies. They are bombarded by sound from television, toys, game consoles, music players and in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Register your Etymotic hf3, hf2, mc3, mc2 or ETY•Kids3 headset + earphones and receive the activation code to unlock your App.
First download the app from iTunes.

AWARENESS! for Etymotic is an innovative earphone app for anyone who uses an
hf3, hf2, mc3, mc2, ETY•Kids3 headset or Etymotic earphones and needs to hear sounds around them.

AWARENESS! for Etymotic listens to your surroundings while you listen to music.
Any sound louder than normal background noise can be heard in your earphones.

From hearing that truck while its still down the road to hearing when someone asks if you'd like a cup of coffee in the office, or when the phone or doorbell rings at home.

  • Maintain spatial audio awareness for better safety in any environment
  • Use with music, videos, games and audiobooks
  • Use while traveling, in the office, at home and at the gym
  • Works with all earphones and headsets (except Bluetooth® or wireless models)
  • Ideal for noise-isolating headsets

Made for iOS 4. AWARENESS! for Etymotic is not just a stand alone App.
AWARENESS! for Etymotic runs in the background and monitors sound
while music and media players, audiobooks and games are in use


  • For ages 4+ and anyone overly sensitive to loud sound
  • Engineered for safe sound output
  • High-definition sound experience
  • ACCU•Fit eartips ensure a good fit in small ears
  • Custom Fit Option
  • Awareness for Etymotic
  • Programmable noise-isolation app keeps kids aware of their surroundings

What Can Parents Do?

Parents choose gear for young children. Many parents understand the importance of limiting sound levels and exposure time, but most are unsure how to manage their kids' listening. While children are young, one thing parents can influence is the kind of earphones kids use with their portable players. Stock earbuds supplied with portable devices can produce damaging levels of sound. The main reason listeners of all ages turn up the volume is to block out distracting background noise. ETY•Kids earphones seal the ears so volume levels stay safer. With an adequate seal plus the safe sound output of ETY•Kids earphones, parents are assured their kids are listening safely.


  • ETY•Kids5 (ek5) Earphones
  • ETY•Kids3 (ek3) Headset + earphones with Apple® 3-button control
Made for Devices with a standard
3.5 mm jack, including:
  • iPhone®
  • iPod® and MP3 players
  • iPad® and tablets
  • DVD players
  • Gaming devices
  • Engineered for safe sound output
  • Neodymium moving coil driver with ACCU•Chamber Technology
  • Kevlar®-reinforced cable for durability
  • High-gloss finish

Frequency Response


Accuracy Score

Noise Isolation

Impedance (@1 kHz)




Awareness for Etymotic

15Hz - 20kHz

6-mm neodymium moving coil drivers


35-42 dB

300 Ohms

4 ft with 3.5 mm plug

1 Year


ETY•Kids3 (ek3) headset + earphones


Selecting an Eartip

The eartip that is most comfortable is the likely choice, but it MUST SEAL well in your ear. If you can easily hear others when the volume is off, you don’t have a good seal. Twist it in deeper, or choose another eartip.

When changing eartips make sure the eartip fits securely on the stem of the earphone.

Proper Insertion

Important: Sound quality, full bass response and noise isolation all depend on a good eartip seal in the ear canal.

Insertion Video






View Earphone Insertion Video

  • Carefully insert the earphone while pulling up and out on the back of the ear.
  • Twist the earphone up into the ear canal while inserting, until outside noise is blocked out.
  • 3-flange eartip: Moistening eases insertion.
  • Foam eartip: Roll down or compress foam eartip before inserting. Hold the eartip in place for about 5 seconds while the foam expands to create a tight seal in the ear canal.
  • Glider eartip: Simply push into ear canal.


Remove earphones slowly with a twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Do not pull on the cable to remove the earphones.


3 Button Control Care

  • Do not expose the earphones to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid dropping and strong impact.
  • Leave eartips on the earphones for shock protection.
  • Do not pull on the cord to remove the earphone from the audio device or the ear.
  • Clean or replace eartips prior to use by others.

Cleaning and Replacing Eartips

Over time eartips may lose their elasticity. For best performance and retention, replace 3-flange eartips every 3-6 months. Replace foam and glider eartips regularly.

To clean the 3-flange eartips:

  1. Remove the eartip from the earphone.
  2. Clean with water and mild soap.
  3. Dry the eartip before placing it back on the earphone.



Small beige Foam ear-tips
Opening: 6-9mm


Large Yellow Foam Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 10-14mm


Black Foam Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-13


Small Frost 3-Flange Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 7-11mm


Airline Adapter


Glider Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-11mm


Clear 3-Flange Eartips
Ear Canal Opening: 8-13mm


Shirt Clip


Zippered Pouch w/ ETY-Kids Logo