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16-channel AES3 I/O for Dante audio networks

RedNet D16 AES is a 1U 19in rack-mount interface featuring 16 channels of AES/EBU connectivity to and from

a Dante audio network, with Ethernet redundancy for maximum network reliability. Perfect for bridging between

digital consoles, power amplifiers or any other AES3 equipped audio equipment and a Dante network, RedNet D16

AES has a Sample Rate Convertor (SRC) on each input pair allowing instant operation with any AES3 source. Word

Clock and Digital Audio Reference Signal (DARS) connections provide synchronisation with a wide range of hardware,

while S/PDIF I/O allows the integration of equipment such as CD or solid state recorders/players.

  • 16 Channel RedNet AES3 Interface for Dante Network
    AES3 connectivity allows connection of external converters, effects units, mixing consoles or any other AES3 equipped audio equipment to the Dante audio network

    Ethernet Redundancy
    Dual rear-panel Ethernet connectors (primary and secondary connectors) allow maximum network reliability with seamless switchover to a standby network in the unlikely event of a network failure. The ports can alternatively be used to daisy-chain additional units.

    Sample Rate Conversion on all input channels
    SRC allows external equipment to run at any sample rate, irrespective of the sample rate or clocking of the Dante audio network

    1U Chassis
    Compact design allows maximum functionality in minimum rack space, with a full 16 channels of I/O in 1U. RedNet D16 AES features the standard trademark red anodised front panel

    Input and Output on XLR as well as DB25
    RedNet D16 provides two 8-channel AES59 combined I/O DB25 connections. In addition, a pair of XLR3 connectors duplicates channels 1 & 2

    XLR Input for DARS or Digital Audio
    The rear panel XLR input connector can either be used as a DARS input or as a traditional AES3 audio input, replacing channels 1–2 of the DB25 inputs

    S/PDIF input and outputs are provided on RCA connectors; ideal for connecting CD players or solid-state recorders. The input replaces channels 3 & 4 in the DB25 connector while the output can be assigned to replicate any adjacent odd/even output pair

    Word Clock
    Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows synchronisation of the Dante network  to house clock, or syncing external equipment to the Dante network

    Remote routing and control
    RedNet Control 2 software provides comprehensive remote control capability via a powerful tabbed browser-like graphic user interface, handling up to 600 devices

RedNet is Focusrite’s flagship range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces that harnesses the power of Audinate’s tried

and tested Dante digital audio networking system to bring studio quality sound to any modern audio application. Fundamentally

RedNet is an extremely scalable, near zero latency audio distribution system that can be used to expand I/O channel count, interface

digital components, and/or bridge between Pro Tools|HD or MADI and the Dante audio network.




AES/EBU inputs and outputs via 2x25-way female D-sub, each wired to AES59 (combined I/O)/Tascam Digital
Switchable AES/EBU input via XLR F connector (replaces channels 1–2 from DB25)
Switchable S/PDIF input via phono connector (replaces channels 3–4 from DB25)
Duplicate AES/EBU output via XLR M connector (duplicates channels 1–2)
Duplicate S/PDIF output via phono connector (replaces any adjacent odd/even pair)
DARS input via XLR F (switchable between AES/EBU input and DARS)
Word clock input on BNC port (switchable termination)
Word clock output on BNC port
Two Dante network ports, configurable as redundant connections or for daisy chaining
IEC power inlet