Stealth Pro


The STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER is based on ISP Technologies new patent pending “Power Factor” and “Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier Technology” and is the only power amplifier technology capable of delivering this level of output power with a 19 volt DC power packStealth


The ISP Technologies STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER with optional ears for rack mounting is the first True Professional, high power floor mount guitar power amplifier delivering performance on par with the best guitar amplifiers of the day. The STEALTH™ is based on analog class A/B amplifier design for excellent sonic and saturated clipping performance, not found with Class D power amplifiers and will exceed the stringent tone characteristics of the professional guitarist. The STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER can be used for high SPL gigs and professional stage use.

The STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER is powered from an external 19 volt DC switch-mode power adapter like that used with a laptop but will deliver a TRUE 180 watts RMS continuous output power into an 8 ohm speaker cabinet and greater than 120 volts bridged output voltage swing. The STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER can also be used as a stereo 2x 80 watt amplifier @ 4 ohms. The STEALTH™ can power a single 4 x 12 cabinet with incredible SPL volume level output or will power two cabinets in a true stereo rig.

This incredible small package will deliver more power to a speaker than the typical 100 watt guitar amplifier and will easily interface with any guitar floor system or high performance pedal board. The STEALTH™ PRO POWER AMPLIFIER with 180 watts of power weighs in at only 1.2 pounds, adding new meaning to light weight guitar systems. The STEALTH™ and also delivers amazing efficiency and it includes internal protection against shorts, open circuits and wrong impedance loads. An internal “power on/off” output control circuit provides pop free operation for turn on and turn off. The STEALTH’s small package size of 9 inches long, 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall allows it to fit with any floor mounted pedal rig.

The THETA COMBO provides two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers. Using the THETA COMBO is like having two low-noise, extremely high quality preamp pedals at the input of the amplifier. Each front-end pre-amp has gain, bass, mid level and mid sweep which provides amazing pre-distort tone shaping. The amplifiers’ “Clean” and “Distort” circuits have the same post distort tone shaping. Tone beyond your wildest dreams! No other amplifier, Tube, Solid State or Digital even comes close to the sonic flexibility of the THETA.

The Clean channel has additional tone shaping with the inclusion of a Presence control providing more than 20db of high frequency boost. You want gain? The THETA literally has more gain available than any amplifier ever produced with greater than 150db of gain and you can control it and make it useable only because we’ve included dual independent full-featured Decimator Noise Reduction systems.

The THETA COMBO is the first combo amplifier to incorporate “Dynamic Saturation Modulation™”, which delivers the actual feel of a saturated tube power amplifier. The THETA COMBO also packs a huge punch; the internal D-CAT power amplifier delivers 100 watts RMS into a 12-inch Celestion guitar speaker and 300 watts into a second 12-inch, high excursion woofer. Derek Bowers, renowned IC design engineer from Analog Devices and Buck Waller of ISP Technologies, developed the patented D-CAT power amplifier technology. The D-CAT is a super high current power amplifier technology capable of driving a .5-ohm load. This means that the D-CAT amplifier delivers better transient response and punch than any other amplifier technology.

400 Watt RMS, 2-channel Combo. 12″ Celeston, 12″ Large Excursion Neo Woofer. Available with the Vector 212 Active Extension Cabinet that connects into the Combo Amp for twice the output.

– Now comes with optional ears and screws for rack-mounting if desired
– Usable in Stereo 2×80 watts or Mono Bridged 1x 180 watts
– Smallest lightest high power amplifier for the guitarist available 9 X 4 X 1.75 inches 1.2 lbs
– External 19VCD switch-mode power supply included for operation from 100VAC to 240VAC
– Class A/B amplifier circuit for analog saturation and clipping sonic performance
– Internal protection for shorts and open circuit
– Time Delay operation for POP free turn on / turn off


Input Impedance: 500k
Output Power Mono: 4Ω=75WRMS@1% THD/ 90WRMS@10%
8Ω=45WRMS@1% THD / 60WRMS@10%
Output Power Bridged: 8Ω=140WRMS@1% THD / 175WRMS@10%
16Ω=80WRMS@1% THD/ 106WRMS@ 10%
Input Sensitivity/Max Output: -3dBu / .56vrms
Maximum Input Signal: +17dBu
Voltage Gain: 30dB Stereo / 36dB Mono Bridged
Noise Floor: -75dBu
Dynamic Range: 102db A WTD
Distortion: @10dBu output=.02% Full Output=.1%
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz = +0 / -.5dB
Input Power: 187mA @idle 7.8A full power @8Ω Bridged
Dimensions: 9” W x 1.75” H x 4” D
Weight: 1.2 LBS