Divide and Conquer

Profiler Firmware Version 3.0 allows for separate profiling of Amps and Cabs and much more:

Kemper GmbH/ Ruhr Area, January 22nd, 2015 – Kemper GmbH today announced the next level of their acclaimed Profiling technology.

The Profiler Firmware Version 3.0 now allows for profiling the guitar amps’ output independently from the connected guitar cabinet.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Guitar players can profile their favorite amp sound and afterwards play thru a neutral power amp or the Profiler’s built in Class D amp into a guitar cabinet with the exact tone and behavior of their original tube amp.

It also allows for freely combining “Direct Amp Profiles” with individually profiled cabs or imported impulse responses.

The result is a complete Profile that can run a physical guitar cabinet onstage for monitoring and simultaneously feed the virtual guitar-speaker sound to the main PA.

Furthermore the new Firmware supports the tight integration of the Profiler Remote control pedal, featuring the smoothest preset switching available, a 30 second Looper and an incredible new Rig Pack created in cooperation with producer legend Michael Wagener in Nashville, Michael Britt of Lonestar and with renowned Profile vendor The Amp Factory.

More than 50 new Factory Profiles:
The new Rig Packs contain a selection of “Merged Profiles”, created with the new direct profiling technology.

Kemper have spent some significant profiling time with studio legend Michael Wagener at his Nashville based Wireworld studios and have profiled everything from legendary preamps, amps and cabinets that have been used on numerous platinum selling records.

iconDownload the new firmware Release 3.0.2