The VariOhm is a unique device that allows the user to control the impedance relationship between a microphone and a preamp/interface. But utilizing impedance control, one can achieve a variety of tonal settings, expanding your selection of sonic textures and colors to choose from. The VariOhm will make your current microphones, preamps and interfaces sound like completely new tools.



Impedance Settings - 50, 200, 300, 500, 1.2k, 2.4k
Vertical Height - Single RU
Horizontal Width - Half RU
Input/Output - XLR
Completely Passive - No power required
Switches - Bypass, Phantom(on/off), Phase

Impedance Diagram


Long recognized in technical circles, the impedance relationship between a microphone and preamp/interface affects sound greatly. Different mics and preamps/interfaces have a range of impedance values that contribute to sonic texture. It can affect warmth, sizzle, clarity, grit and many other aspects of sound.

Many classic microphone and preamp combos work well together because of their impedances. By inserting the VariOhm between the mic and the preamp/interface, you now control this important relationship. Impedance values can be matched for maximum output or altered for additional tone settings for all kinds of microphones.

Impedance Table