The i-Series Professional Microphones are designed especially for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, but can also be used in other mobile devices. iSERIES Mics

The i-Series line offers outstanding performance for audio measurement, recording, and broadcast use.

MicW is leading the industry in developing, manufacturing, and marketing professional mini microphones at this level of performance.

i825 i825 lavalier Mic
i855i855 Lavalier Mic
i436i436 Pro Class 2
i456i456 Cardiod Record
iSeries KitiSeries Kit
i266 Cardiod Broadcast

Main Features:

Professional: Uniquely designed recording and measurement microphones in sturdy metal housings.

Plug and Play: No need for additional power, just plug a mic in the earphone socket and it's ready to perform.

Available as a Class 2 measurement mic: Convert your mobile device into an audio measurement tool.

Superior EMI Protection: Special designed to reduce Electro-Magnetic Interface (EMI) from mobilephones.

Example Applications:

Real time analyzer for SPL and FFT used for concerts, events, home, and industry measurement and recording.

General recording for voice and instrument, interviews, conference meetings, and rehearsals.

High sensitivity recording for ENG, voice and instruments, broadcasting, and other dedicated sound recording

Known for its perfectly clean sound, quality craftsmanship, and lightness of styling, MicW prides itself in designing and manufacturing high quality, high performance microphones for a wide range of audio measurement and recording applications. MicW microphones and accessories are the right choice when you demand the best in your measurements and recordings for voice, instrument, broadcast, film and video productions.

  • Flat frequency response for pure sound without unwanted coloring
  • Titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and polymer composites capsule diaphragm designs for the best possible microphone frequency response
  • Excellent high humidity performance
  • Fast transient response, high dynamic range, low noise floor with models that easy handle up to 160 dB SPL
  • Quality assurance through ISO 9001 certification