MIDI Solutions Products

All MIDI Solutions products are MIDI-powered and require no batteries or power supply to operate - just plug a MIDI cable into the input of the product and it's ready to process MIDI data. Multiple products can be chained together to provide the exact combination of functions needed in your MIDI setup.

The products below are divided into groups based on their functionality to help you quickly find the products most suitable for your application



MIDI Solutions Merger

An easy-to-use product that requires no programming, the MIDI Solutions Merger merges all messages appearing at either of its 2 MIDI inputs to its MIDI output.

Quadra Merge

MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge

Like the MIDI Solutions Merger, the Quadra Merge merges all messages appearing at each of its 4 MIDI inputs
to its MIDI output.


MIDI Solutions M8

The MIDI Solutions M8 Merges 8 MIDI
to its MIDI output. Perfect for
connecting a large number of MIDI
devices to a single MIDI input.




MIDI Solutions Thru

The MIDI Solutions Thru provides 2 MIDI outputs from a single MIDI input. Use it to provide extra MIDI outputs at any point in the MIDI chain

Quad Thru

MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru

When more outputs are needed, the MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru provides
4 MIDI outputs from a single
MIDI input


MIDI Solutions T8

The MIDI Solutions T8 Provides 8 MIDI outputs
from a single MIDI input for setups that require
MIDI information to be transmitted to a
large number of MIDI devices.

General Purpose Input


Footswitch Controller

The MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller can be programmed to generate MIDI messages and perform MIDI functions via a footswitch or contact closure.


MIDI Solutions F8

The MIDI Solutions F8 offers 8 footswitch
or contact closure inputs
which can be
individually programmed to generate MIDI
messages and perform various MIDI functions

General Purpose Output


MIDI Solutions Relay

The MIDI Solutions Relay contains a MIDI-controlled contact closure that can be programmed to respond to a wide range of MIDI messages.


MIDI Solutions R8

The MIDI Solutions R8 offers 8 MIDI-
controlled contact closures
, each of which
can be programmed to respond to a unique
MIDI message.

MIDI Event

Event Processor

MIDI Solutions Event Processor

The MIDI Solutions Event Processor is the swiss army knife of MIDI processing tools - map, filter, scale, trigger, toggle, crossfade, transpose MIDI events

Event Processor Plus

MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus

Identical to the MIDI Solutions Event Processor, but with 32 settings instead of the Event Processor's 10, and 8 variable storage locations instead of 2.



MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller

The MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller accepts any expression pedal and generates continuous MIDI data based on the pedal's position.

Breath Controller

MIDI Solutions Breath Controller

The MIDI Solutions Breath Controller generates continuous MIDI data from the Yamaha BC3A Breath Controller (TM).


MIDI Solutions Router

The MIDI Solutions Router allows you to route, filter, and rechannelize selected MIDI messages to either/both/neither
of its two MIDI outputs

Velocity Convertor

Velocity Converter

The MIDI Solutions Velocity Converter can be used to modify the velocity response of any MIDI instrument using one of 40 preset curves or a user-defineable curve.