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Get There Faster

In a studio or with custom cabling there can be hundreds of solder joints. Feel like soldering? Probably not, if you have already had experiences with other cable brands - but if you have already worked with MOGAMI, you will be happy to tackle this task because you know what MOGAMI delivers: best mechanical properties and materials.

Immediately at the first step, the stripping, the quality of MOGAMI is apparent. Clean edges with crocodile clamp and the knife slides smoothly through the jacket. The exposed wire strands remain flexible in the desired position and can be crimped or soldered easily. The jacket also retains the heat of a soldering iron stand and does not melt immediately. And the specially built spiral shield is easier to use and twist, as a braid or even a cheaper foil shield.

So look forward to your crimping and soldering with Mogami cables. You will be faster on target with the highest sound quality in your new MOGAMI wired studio

Save with Mogami

MOGAMI cable can be processed very well, the solder and crimp work can be done faster.

with this time saving you reduce the resource costs incurred for the installation work - thus saving you and your customers money.

But the most important: you preserve your nerves. Thanks to the easy handling of cables MOGAMI you can invest all your energy and creativity into new projects.