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launch Control

Launch Control makes creating electronic music way more fun.

Its chunky knobs and multicoloured pads let you play your software like an instrument, by giving you hands-on control over any aspect of your sound that you like.

It may be half the size of its big brother, Launch Control XL, but its 16 banks give you more than enough controls to get as creative as you like with your sound

What is RGB?




Peering at a screen doesn’t make a good performance. It’s also bad for your eyes. We designed Launch Control to make you way more creative, by putting your controls directly into your hands.

We spent a long time designing these knobs: they're sturdy and full-sized, they feel great to hold and turn and they're all surrounded by multicoloured LED indicators.

The pads are great, too: they're large and rubbery, and they give bright multicoloured LED feedback, which makes them perfect for triggering clips, playing notes and tweaking key mixer controls.


What is RGB?






Combine with Launchpad for total freedom when playing using Ableton Live.

Trigger clips, play drum racks, and control your mixer, effects and instruments, all at the same time!


Ask Audio

“It's hugely portable, nicely designed and easy to get to grips with.”

Future Music

“I kept gravitating back to the Control, because of the Ableton Live templates, and its perfect layout for Logic's Smart Controls. "/" Very handy little objects&rdquo

Future Music


“A well-made controller that adds an extra degree of creative dexterity to Novation's iPad-based and Ableton Live-using performers”

Music Tech


Chuck it in your bag and put it through the most demanding live gigs: it’s designed for it. It’s tough, compact and fully USB bus powered, so you can plug in and play without a power supply.


Launch Control works on any modern Mac, PC or iOS device, and integrates immediately with Ableton Live and Fruity Loops. It's also simple to set up in any other MIDI-compatible software, even on iOS if you have a Camera Connection Kit (not included).


Control Ableton Live

All the controls integrate immediately with Ableton Live and other major music software

Get Hands-On with Your Mixer

Tweak your sound using 16 chunky, full-sized knobs with multicoloured indicators.

Combine with Launchpad

Trigger clips, play drum racks, and control your mixer, effects and instruments at the same time

Create Your Own Layouts

Bank up to 16 times and freely reassign up to 448 controls to anything you like

Take It Anywhere

It’s tough enough to handle any live situation and to chuck in your bag, especially when you keep it in a neoprene sleeve

Plug Straight In

Plug straight into your Mac, PC or iPadĀ® and start performing without power supplies or drivers.

Eight Versatile Pads

Trigger clips, play notes, get instant track focus and tweak key mixer controls using eight big, multicoloured pads

Get Started Immediately

Includes Ableton Live Lite music making software and Loopmasters sample collection

Play with Your iPad

Control all your MIDI-compatible iOS software via a Camera Connection Kit

Tech Specs