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Novation Software

Get Launchpad on your iPhone®. Turn your iPad® into an analogue-modelling synthesiser.

Bring the sounds and effects of our iconic synths directly to your DAW.

From making and remixing music on your mobile devices, to instantly mapping your DAW parameters to your hardware controls, our apps and software integrate with your gear to create unique and portable workstations.

The apps and software come free with most Novation products, but you can also purchase them separately from IMA.


Launchpad App

Make and remix beats and electronic music on your iPad or iPhone with ready-to-perform sessions from a variety of genres, then record and then share your performances.

Making music has never been so much fun!

  • Combining sounds using a grid of performance pads
  • Perform unique sets by adding powerful, dynamic DJ style FX
  • Download cutting-edge soundpacks to inspire new creations

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Launchkey App

Our powerful analogue-modelling synthesiser for iPad integrates with the Novation Launchkey

to create a unique hands-on synth workstation for your iPad.

  • 60 synth sounds for performing and producing music with iPad
  • Tight integration with the Novation Launchkey hardware
  • Sophisticated synth engine

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VStation Plugin


A polyphonic soft-synth for Mac and PC, with three oscillators, eight powerful filters, eight voice polyphony and simultaneous Novation FX.

• Digital-analogue sound based on K-Station sound engine
• Arpeggiator with Sync-Lock

• Reverb, chorus, phaser, delay, panning, distortion and EQ


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Bass Station Plugin

The sound of our iconic monophonic, dual-oscillator analogue synthesiser, faithfully recreated by a software plug-in.

A mix of 100 classic original and stunning new sounds, from deep, fat, warm bass to shrieking leads.

  • Faithfully recreated two oscillator monophonic design preserves classic tones
  • Bring warmth to your music with a faithful modelling of the classic 12/24 dB low-pass filter

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Instantly control plug-ins using your hardware, using control software that quickly and easily assigns controls to your software parameters.

  • Edit page graphically shows your entire control surface with control labels
  • Instant access to your DAW's mixer and transport controls
  • Instantly assign knobs, faders and buttons

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