Musikmesse 2016: RME have announced the launch of no less than 4 new products at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt as part of the German manufacturers 20th anniversary celebrations.

The RME MADIface Pro is a variation of the well established Babyface Pro audio interface.

The MADIface Pro includes the original high-end 4 x analogue inputs (Mic, Line, Instrument) and 4 x analogue outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x headphones) found on the Babyface Pro, but the 8 I/O ADAT has now been replaced with 64 channels of MADI I/O, giving you a staggering 68 channels of I/O.

The MADIface Pro can be used in stand-alone mode when not connected to your Mac or PC. The control surface features dedicated tactile buttons and four level meter bars, along with independent storage of all current settings.

A MADI monitor feature has been included which offers a number of functions including the ability to listen to any incoming MADI channel pair.

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The RME Fireface UFX+ once again raises the standards of professional performance. This robust and beautifully designed 1U interface is fully Thunderbolt and USB 3 compatible with PCI Express audio performance under both Mac and Windows.

The Fireface UFX+ offers a staggering 188 channels of I/O over analogue, ADAT, MADI, AES and SPDIF.

The Advanced DURec feature allows you to record up to 76 simultaneous channels via the analogue and MADI I/O, directly down to a compatible flash drive. Perfect for critical recording situations, both live and in the studio. 

The Fireface UFX+ of course guarantees RME’s maximum performance, stability and ultra-low latency operation, and with all new AD/DA converters, optimised analogue I/O  circuits, as well as improved SNR and THD values, which guarantee pristine, crystal clear and transparent audio.

The new optional ARC (Advanced Remote Control) USB is also available for the Fireface UFX+

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The ADI-Pro is a truly high performance AD/DA converter, USB 2.0 DAC, USB 2.0 class compliant interface and high-end headphone amplifier from RME.

It’s unparalleled specifications and features deliver crystal transparency and a professional performance that makes it the right choice for mastering and measurement applications as well as the ultimate tool for audiophiles everywhere.

The ADI-2 Pro combines a high-class USB DAC with a multi-format converter (AES, SPDIF and ADAT) and a superb headphone amp that features two separately controlled outputs.

It supports sample frequencies of up to 768 kHz, a parametric 5-band EQ as well as low cut for all analogue I/Os allowing effective response correction for headphones and speakers.

Thanks to the excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and reference-class THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), the ADI-2 Pro is perfect for both mastering and measuring systems. It is also suited for mobile use in combination with an Apple iPad. You don’t even need a power outlet: An optional power bank offers up to five hours of mobile operation.

The high-resolution IPS display also ensures perfect overview over all parameters.

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The ARC (Advanced Remote Control) USB is RME’s new control unit for easy and tactile operation of TotalMix FX.

It’s optimised to be used with the new Fireface UFX+ and offers intuitive control over the DSP-based routing and effects section.

The RME ARC USB can be connected via USB to your computer (Mac OS / Windows) or directly to the Fireface UFX+ when employing the stand-alone mode.

The control unit features a jog wheel, 15 freely assignable, illuminated buttons as well as a connector for a foot switch that can be assigned individually

The RME ARC USB will also simultaneously  control multiple units

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