Stompblox modular pedalboards allow you to customize your pedalboard. You can easily connect, disconnect, and configure Stompblox in ways that work with how you play. Hand tightening thumbscrews are attached to the board, so you dont have to worry about losing important parts.

And it doesn’t stop with the pedalboard. Our Stompblox Brick and Brick+ power supplies also connect to the pedalboard. The Brick has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only is it a power supply that powers your effect pedals (and phone through the USB outlet), it also provides an Advanced Routing System that can control inputs, outputs, or effects loops

ConnectSimple to Connect and Disconnect:

Stompblox are easy to connect and disconnect. Have a big board at home for practice or recording, then disconnect 1 or 2 Stomblox for the road.

ShapeCreate Your Own Pedalboard Shape:

Connect Stompblox in a configuration that fits your style. Singer/songwriter, worship leader, or lead guitarist... It's your style, shape your pedalboard how you want. Connect Stompblox in a configuration that fits your style. Singer/songwriter, worship leader, or lead guitarist... It's your style, shape your pedalboard how you want

Custom BagCustom Modular Bag:

Each Stompblox comes with a high quality bag that fits a single unit. When using two connected units, two bags zip together. Voila! The first modular pedalboard bag

RoutingClutter Free Routing:

Route instrument and power cables underneath the Stompblox and use built-in anchors to attach cable ties for clean routing. We even provide you with some zip ties to get started

PowerPower & Routing:

The Stompblox Brick combines effect pedal power and routing into a single box that attaches securely to your Stompblox pedalboard. Use the Brick as a transparent input, output or loop switcher while it powers your effects without adding any unwanted noise

DualHoriz with effects
DualHoriz with effects
  • DualHoriz with effects
  • DualVert with Effects
  • Stompblox Angle View
  • Stompblox Bag
  • Stompblox Bottom
  • Stompblox Front
  • Stompblox Package Contents
  • Stompblox Side View
  • Stompblox Top Down

Scenario. You get your hands on an effect that perfectly completes your tone. You try to fit it on your pedalboard but no matter how you twist, turn, and arrange, you’re maxed out–no space. Generally, this means choosing one or more pedals to remove or buying a bigger board. With Stompblox modular pedalboards, this won’t ever be an issue.

Stompblox pedalboards are designed to connect to each other, making more room for pedals as you need it. If you run out of space, simply add another unit. You can connect them two deep and as many wide as you can fit on stage.Whether you have a small setup, or a monster setup, Stompblox works for you.

Does your effect collection seem to expand? Do you plan to expand in the future? Is this your first pedalboard? Playing a smaller gig and can’t bring all your effects? With Stompblox you can connect and disconnect sections whenever you need to. Stompblox is the perfect solution because you don’t buy more than you need and can add as your rig demands.


Digital Audio Labs

Stompblox Modular Pedalboards:Stompblox

  • All metal construction
  • Attached thumbscrews for easy connect/disconnect
  • Swing out feet
  • Pass throughs for cable management
  • Convenient anchor points to secure cables
  • Modular gig bag included

Stompblox Brick:Power Supply

  • 8 9V power outlets including:
    • 4 9/12V switchable outlets
    • 2 high current 9/12V switchable outlets
    • 1 9/18V switchable outlet
    • 1 9V variable outlet
  • 1 USB power outlet
  • “No tool” connect to Stompblox pedalboard
  • 110/220V AC plus AC outlet
  • Advanced Routing System including the following options:
    • Switch between 2 inputs + switch between 2 outputs
    • Switch between 2 inputs + effect loop
    • Switch between 2 outputs + effect loop
    • Switch between 2 effect loops
  • InstaSwitch one button switching
Customize Your Stompblox Pedal Board
Single Stompblox
Two Stompblox
With a single Stompblox module, you can fit between 0 and 6 effects depending on the size - Though, 0 effects would be a bit sad.
With 2 units, you can orient them vertically or horizontally. You could fit up to 13 pedals, perhaps more if they were super tiny, but on average, this setup will fit about 9-10 pedals in mixed sizes.
The "L"
The "N/U"
The L
The N/U
When you link 3 units together, you can start to do things that other pedalboards cant. Unique shapes and positions to that allow you to easily reach all your effects are possible. Singer songwriters, this configuration is for you.  Your mic stand doesn’t have to compete with your effects.
With Stompblox you can configure your rig exactly how you want it. Songwriter or worship leader? Build your pedalboard with space for your mic stand. Big time looper? Design your pedalboard to allow quick access to loop controls
The "T" and Beyond ...
The T
Tetris anyone? The possibilities are numerous. Do a lot of effect changes? Try a T shape. How many effects can you use? We lost count. If you REALLY need to know, drop us a line. We’ll help you out