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P-101 Torpedo CAB Capture  

CAB Stomp Box

Cabinet in a Box

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Torpedo-powered pedal
The Torpedo C.A.B. is a high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. It is not a loadbox, but it does include all the great features of the Torpedo Live, together with an input stage specifically tailored to accept pedal-level signals.

Most notably: the Torpedo C.A.B. is the very first stompbox-style Impulse-Response Loader!

2 assignable footswitches
The Torpedo C.A.B. features 2 user-assignable footswitches.

Assignable functions include Preset selection, Bypass, Mute, EQ On/Off and moreā€¦ Musicians equipped with MIDI rigs will be able to remote-control the Torpedo C.A.B. via MIDI

We know you love those little effects stompboxes and we definitely want you to use them with our Torpedo C.A.B.

Place it at the end of your effect chain and all need to carry your amp will be gone. Plug it into the PA and you will be ready to go with a great sound.


Introduction to the Torpedo C.A.B: