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Torpedo Capture
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The Torpedo products embed the finest cabinets and microphone you could find in the market, with free new cabinets given by the Two Notes team.

It is possible to load any kind of third party impulses (wav and aiff format) into the VB-101 and VM-202, that will dramatically increase the versatility of the product.

But as the Torpedo Technology is more than just a convolution process, Two Notes wanted to give you a powerful tool to capture the sound signature of your cab and microphone in your studio, that takes advantages of the technology.

The Torpedo Capture is a simple standalone software to achieve this goal.

Setup your gear as if you were ready to record with your cabinet and microphone, replace the guitar amp by a studio/PA amplifier, the Capture software will send a test signal through the system and process a Torpedo compliant .tur file. Just load it into the VB-101/VM-202 using the Torpedo Remote, that’s it !

Now you can bring on every stage or studio the sound of your own gear.