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Advanced Attenuator
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Two Notes Audio Engineering, creator of the world’s best speaker cabinet simulation, has bridged a new technological gap with the Torpedo Reload, your new high-end device for silent playing and reamplification.

This is the perfect combination of a state-of-the art reactive loadbox and a high-performance, ultra-low THD + Noise power amplifier. With its true-to-life,constant real speaker impedance, innovative Match feature, sturdy design, and elegant looks, the Torpedo Replay is the attenuator that will make your amp go wild!

A Reactive-Active Attenuator:

With a choice of 4, 8, or 16 Ohms, your amplifier will actually see real speaker impedance, and your tone will remain constant throughout the continuous attenuation curve.

Two Notes applies the same product philosophy to the Torpedo Reload as to the rest of its line: the tone must come from your guitar, your amp and cabinet, not from the electronics that we insert in between your regular setup. Transparency is the key.

To maximize your experience, however, you might still want to add a little something to your attenuated sound. In that case, the Contour parameter is there to shape your tone from vintage to modern style.

DI Box:

Plug your guitar into the DI Input and send that signal to your recorder. At that stage what you want is clarity and Two Notes preserves your guitar tone as it will be certainly re-injected to your amp through the Replay


One of the most interesting options in studios nowadays: play the guitar one day, and mike the amp (or many different amps) another. The most difficult part in re-amplification techniques, is to find the output level on the DAW that matches the level of your guitar directly connected to the amp

Match Function:

This Two Notes innovation is the solution to the problem of level adjusting when re-amplifying. Now you can be sure that the signal you send from the DAW is exactly what your guitar itself would be sending

Simply plug your guitar into the DI Input, send the DI out to the DAW’s microphone input. Set up your DAW for recording, create a track and activate direct monitoring. Send the output of the DAW to the Replay Input (and then the Replay output to the Amp).

The Match function will compare the signal coming from the guitar to that from the DAW, and will show you if you have to lower or raise the Replay level. When the light is green, you are ready to record and re-amp

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One Setup to Rule Them All?

Imagine you can record you guitar using the DI, while sending the signal back to your amp using the Replay, driving your amp the way it should be driven and lowering the level or simply making it silent with the Reactive-Active Attenuator, recording the signal from the loadbox and even using your own microphone and cabinet for a 3rd take, all simultaneously!

With the dry signal from the amp taken at the Loadbox Out, insert the PI-101 WoS Reload Edition plug-in into your sequencer to achieve absolutely true-to-life studio miking of your amp.

The Torpedo Reload comes with PI-101 Wall of Sound Reload Edition

Use the best speaker simulator on the market, and achieve perfect virtual miking of your amp.

Choose the cabinet and microphone; place the microphone in your virtual studio to find the sweet spot.

Add up to 100 cabinet and microphones combinations — there is no limit to your imagination