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Dual Channel Power Amp Simulator
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The Torpedo VM-202 is a guitar/bass preamp DI composed of 3 main parts: a tube power amp simulator, a speaker miking simulator powered by the acclaimed Torpedo technology with all your favorite cabs inside and a Post-FX section with all the processing effects you usually need when miking a guitar cab. (Low cut filter, 5-band EQ, exciter, compressor).

The Torpedo VM-202 being a dual channel processor (dual mono or stereo configurable), you can process 2 different instruments at the same time (guitar and bass for example) or use 2 different cab/microphone configurations for your guitar recording

Using the VM202

The Torpedo VM-202 is a line level processor. It is perfectly adapted to be used with a guitar or bass preamp such as Mesa/Boogie® Triaxis, Marshall® JMP1, Engl® 530, Egnater® M4, Brunetti® Mille, etc…

The Torpedo VM-202 allows you to replace your regular power amp / cab / microphone with a powerful and highly realistic simulation :

  • 8 different types of power amp
  • More than 30 cabs
  • 8 studio-standard microphones

You even have a powerful FX section at your disposal, including low cut filter, 5-band EQ, exciter and compressor.

The sound recording is done silently and with perfect control of all the critical parameters.

On stage or in the studio, the Torpedo VM-202 will deliver a professional sound without any compromises on the audio quality


The use of computer stations has become a must these days, that’s why we have developed an application to control the Torpedo VM-202 remotely from your Mac/PC via the USB connector on the rear panel of the Torpedo VM-202.

With its clear and intuitive interface, the Torpedo Remote software will give you access to all the VM-202 parameters, loading and saving presets, loading new IR’s and updating your VM-202.


The Torpedo Remote is Mac/PC compatibe and can be freely downloaded in the downloads section.

Simply plug your guitar into the DI Input, send the DI out to the DAW’s microphone input. Set up your DAW for recording, create a track and activate direct monitoring. Send the output of the DAW to the Replay Input (and then the Replay output to the Amp).

The Match function will compare the signal coming from the guitar to that from the DAW, and will show you if you have to lower or raise the Replay level. When the light is green, you are ready to record and re-amp


Highly realistic speaker simulation is achieved through the use of convolution. Two Notes started from this technology and brought it further, to accurately reproduce the whole miking chain characteristics (speaker, microphone, preamplifier, studio room acoustic).

  • Torpedo VM-202:  Front Panel 45
  • Torpedo VM-202: Front Panel 45
  • Torpedo VM-202: Rear Panel View
  • Torpedo VM-202: Front Panel
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