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Touché can be linked to any existing setup, but also comes with tailor-made sounds and tools to make your own.

To help you with this, Lié works hand in hand with Touché in a clear, simple workflow.

Available in both VST and AU flavours, Lié is compatible with all major DAWs and offers a completely integrated solution at the heart of your rig.

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Lié comes with over 150 carefully designed sounds, built with one thing in mind: expressivity.

These sounds are both tailor-made presets powered by UVI’s Falcon and shipped as instruments within UVI's Workstation*, and presets for third-party plug-ins, enabling you to make music with Touché right away.

Your entire playroom

Lié works as a host of plug-ins.

This means that you can load any of your virtual instruments and build your sound with the same interface you’re used to playing with,

while choosing which parameters to control with Touché.

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Whether you’ve built a new sound from scratch, or want to use one you already love, your next step is to unleash its full potential with Touché.

Lié’s eight slots give you a quick access to the full list of your instrument’s controls.

It’s even easier to use the Speed Mapping feature, and click on the faders you want to play with.

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A quick recall of your configuration is vital for

recovering your work as you left it,

both in studio and performance situations.

Scrolling through saved presets can also give you new ideas

about how to approach a composition

and tease out your inspiration.

When you save a configuration, it contains everything,

from the choice of your virtual instrument to the smallest of parameters you’ve set to control with Touché.


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